Class Schedules

MondayTai Chi11am -12pm Cubert Village hall – session running on Weds during Covid
TuesdayTai Chi11am -12pm Summercourt New Memorial Hall
WednesdayTai Chi10am -11pm Cubert Village Hall – during Covid
ThursdayTai Chi11am -12pm Tregony Village Hall
FridayTai Chi10am -11pm St Michaels Hall Perranporth
FridayTai Chi11am -12pm St Michaels Hall Perranporth
SundayTaekwondo10am -11pm Cubert Village hall
Sunday Combo Class11am -12pm Cubert Village hall

Each session currently costs £5.

Session are suitable for people of all abilities whether a beginner or experienced practitioner. They can be adapted and modified for people who have a disability such as wheelchair users. Alan also runs sessions at Care Homes where all the residents are sat down.

Although the exercises and movements are of low impact and are gentle any person who does have any illness or condition should be advised by their Doctor.

All classes commence with a gentle warm up to prevent any strains or “pulled muscles”

If anyone does want advice on any aspect of the sessions, please contact Alan who will be more than willing to advise and suggest modifications.